Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler
Product Code: MBU


This machine is highly advance machine from Maruti Machines Pvt.Ltd. This machine is mainly used to Put Empty bottle to Filling machine in Beverages and so on industries.

  1. The machine is our own designed and manufactured product which is at the base of introducing advanced international technology and combining industry character of India. It is stable, independable and strongly adaptable.
  2. It can be changed according to client’s different requirement to the bottles
  3. Easy operation, fully automatic, with PLC control to adjust the frequency to synchronize with the whole line.
  4. Bottle exit is controlled by the synchronous belt and star wheel to ensure stable bottle exiting and no scrambling bottles and crushing.

    Working lacation                            : 12 -22pcs
    Output capacity                              : 6000BPH(500ML)-44000BPH(500ML)
    Max Output capacity                     : 8000BPH -6000BPH(500ML)
    Air supply pressure                       : >0. 7MPa
    Air consumption                             : >1. 5M3/ min
    Adaptive bottle : Dia. 50-90, height165-290
    Motor power                                     : 1>. 5KW
    Auto empty bottle lifter power    : 0. 75KW
    External dimension                       : >Φ 1660*2060
    Weight : >2000kg