Hot Melt Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Hot Melt Wet Glue Labeling Machine (Wrap Around Labeling Machine)

Hot Melt Wet Glue Labeling Machine (Wrap Around Labeling Machine)
Product Code: MMHML


Product description

For product’s individuation and competitiveness,the container needs various shape and labels. The automatic hot melt glue labeling machine fits various labeling product. The container is fed to carousel , The container is held top and bottom in the carousel during the label application process. The labeling is controlled by a continuous/automatic correcting system. The labeling is cut onto a drum provided with rotating blade and static blade which is simple and reliable to supply a correct cutting. The hot melt is spread on one edge of the labeling and the overlap on vacuum drum. The labeling process is complete in the labeling station in a short time。


  1. Siemens PLC controls
  2. Nordson hot melt glue system
  3. It is available to label various shape containers, especially square container
  4. The container and labeling changeovers are simple,easy to change and install

Technical parameter:

Item    Unit Parameter Item Unit Parameter
minimum length of label mm 152 maximal length of label mm 419
minimum width of label mm 15 maximal width of label mm 100
minimum diameter of bottle mm 45 maximal diameter of bottle mm 125
working air pressure bar 4-6 working air volume L/min 80
maximal bottle size L 2.5 production capacity bottles per hour 100-350 bottles per minute

(for 500ml)

Machine Size


mm 4360×1620×1530(adjustable) Machine weight kg 1800