Used Oil Re-Refining (Recycling)

Used Oil Re- Refining (Recycling)

Used Oil Re- Refining (Recycling)
Product Code: MMUR



We are pioneer in Used Oil Re-Refining Plant Manufacturing, Erection and Installation.

Lubricating oil after prolonged use in the engine’s crankcase gets degraded due to oxidation, presence of water, carbon particles, oxidation sludge etc. This oil, if not replace, will cause failure of the engine. The disposal of used oil is a major environmental problem unless it is processed safely as the indiscriminate disposal will cause pollution to water bodies and land fillings.

The proposal is to manufacture petroleum lubricant oils and other petroleum based products, from waste / used oils and manufacture of lubricants to the specification required to satisfy the International specifications.

General Process for Used Oil Re-Refining:-

The process involves below different stages.

  • Used Oil Receiving
  • Centrifuging / Filtration
  • Preparation of Feedstock
  • Dehydration Column
  • Lube Oil Distillation Column
  • Bottom Residue Collection
  • Clay Treatment/Decolourisation
  • Filtration
  • Testing

Capacity Available:-

2 MT / Day to 50 MT / Day Used (Waste) Oil Re Refining (Recycling) Plants.