Important Factors To Consider Before Setting Automatic Juice Plant

The edible items like jellies, jams, ketchup, juices, etc., are some of the very common items found in every household. Thus, it is one of the very profitable business to start. All you need to do is contact Maruti Machines Private Limited to avail Automatic Juice Plant.

In this plant, to make the most authentic juices, you need to process juice from fresh fruits like guavas, mangoes, oranges, strawberries and other fruits and berries. The main purpose to use this fruits is that the juices from these fruits are easy to store, attractive in color and are easy to preserve without any change in quality and taste.

In this read, you will come across some of the very important factors that you need to consider before setting up an Automatic Juice Plant - 

  • Select a target market - Talking about the varieties, there are cold-pressed juice, NFC juice, concentrated juice, and fruity drinks available in the Indian Market. You need to set your priorities right before setting the factory/plant. Today, there is a lot more inclination towards pure fruit juices. But, you can also think about energy drinks, smoothies, organic drinks, etc., as these are also great opportunities to go for.  
  • Range Of Business - Do not strict to only production, understand your range of businesṣ make a thorough research in the complete system that includes fruit pretreatment, sterilization, juice extraction, concentration, selling and distribution. Depending upon your budget and resource availability, you can also emphasis on any one or two categories. 

Technicians for Automatic Fruit Juice Plant - 

Fruit concentrates are in huge demand in the Indian market as these find their application in making of jellies, ketchup, jams, etc. A technician is to be appointed to make the working at the plant/factory easy and productive. The individual should be responsible, able to plan and priorities, and also handle pressure. He should also have a keen eye to check the quality and sort the raw materials in different categories process them further, to the pulping process.

The technician also needs to supervise various processes like juice extraction, filtration, clarification, and sampling for analysis of quality. Apart from all this, he should also be skilled to operate and maintain fruit juice machines. In addition to this, he should also be well aware of waste management.

The Common Machines Used In Automatic Juice Plant - 

  • Spray washing machine
  • Cooling tanks for processed cans
  • Sugar syrup preparation tanks
  • Blanching tank
  • Weighing machines

How Can Maruti Machines Private Limited Help You?

Maruti Machines Private Limited is a widely acknowledged name in the domain of Automatic Juice Plant, Carbonated Soft Drink Plant, and Mineral Water Bottling Plant Machine. You can contact them to get your factory set up with modern and fully automatic machines. These machines and plants have modern working technology that help in gaining quantitative output with least wastage. Waste no time, contact us today as get going yourself into one of the most profitable businesses in India.

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